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#67 Yoshiyuki Hirano - Edge
Showing 113 commits

Hash Date Message
9f25b05 17 Feb 2018 Remove needless requiring 'active_support/core_ext/strin...
1469657 09 Feb 2018 Use heredoc with credentials template
b20354a 31 Dec 2017 Bump license years for 2018
c1d7df2 21 Dec 2017 Add cloud service's links to README of Active Storage [c...
835e272 21 Dec 2017 Pass options to rails_blob_url
d8c49d8 21 Dec 2017 [ci skip] Remove needless from doc for ActiveStorage::V...
470d0e4 19 Dec 2017 Fix validation callbacks on multiple context
94baf72 16 Dec 2017 Fix Active Storage Overview guide [ci skip]
6d65c0f 15 Dec 2017 [ci skip] Inherit ActiveRecord::Base in example codes
63554cb 15 Dec 2017 [ci skip] Update guide index for active storage
cd04911 13 Dec 2017 [ci skip] Add a space to comment in SidekiqAdapter
3dc774f 12 Dec 2017 [ci skip] Update routing guide for Direct
19e9e14 11 Dec 2017 [ci skip] Update instrumentation guide for ActiveStorage
4c590e9 11 Dec 2017 Return `nil` instead of `false` if raise `Azure::Core::H...
fc89470 10 Dec 2017 `webpack` is assigned but never used in webpack.config.js
2fa2903 07 Dec 2017 [ci skip] Make Todo classes inherit ApplicationRecord
5f7fd15 06 Dec 2017 Add `assert_in_epsilon` to Testing guide [ci skip]
649f19c 05 Dec 2017 Fix example code in ActiveJob::Core [ci skip]
1d24e47 20 Nov 2017 Provide attachment writers
681fc2f 17 Oct 2017 Update mailing list URL in I18n guide [ci skip]
1ac2a22 14 Oct 2017 Add accept-charset to the output of form_with in JS guid...
92a19f7 13 Oct 2017 Add unpermitted_parameters.action_controller hook to ins...
8c3e345 13 Oct 2017 Add Action Cable notifications to instrument guide [ci s...
bf5e693 13 Oct 2017 Add process.action_mailer notification to Instrumentatio...
0149481 12 Oct 2017 Capitalize "sprockets" in Engine guide [ci skip]
621e1a2 12 Oct 2017 Remove a needless space in Action View Guide [ci skip]
639fded 09 Oct 2017 Use `form_with` instead of `form_for` in engine guide [c...
c3d1fd1 09 Oct 2017 Fix the result of `rails routes` in Guide [ci skip]
ce9cd1b 07 Oct 2017 Update Instrumentation guide for Active Storage [ci skip]
62f6d4e 07 Oct 2017 Add v5.1 to earlier releases list in guide [ci skip]
53c1618 03 Oct 2017 Fix third-party system libraries list in ActiveStorage::...
e65f2c4 25 Sep 2017 Add an space to RefineryCMS in Engine guide [ci skip]
11444d7 24 Sep 2017 Refactor Css::Generators::ScaffoldGenerator
5d8945f 24 Sep 2017 Fix email in Active Support Instrumentation [ci skip]
6b12d02 23 Sep 2017 Fix rails middleware list in api_app guide [ci skip]
9b91778 20 Sep 2017 Update link in The Asset Pipeline guide [ci skip]
7ee6cd9 19 Sep 2017 Use RESTful instead of restful
704bf9b 18 Sep 2017 Add `with_attached_*` scope to `has_one_attached` macro
9291a81 18 Sep 2017 Use ApplicationJob instead of ActiveJob::Base in guide [...
0993cbe 18 Sep 2017 Remove unused require in ActiveStorage::Variation
1df25e6 17 Sep 2017 Add `mini_magick` to default `Gemfile` as comment
7d14bda 17 Sep 2017 Fix file missing in activestorage's example code [ci skip]
194a933 17 Sep 2017 Add local option to Message form [ci skip]
a52e2be 16 Sep 2017 Update Layouts and Rendering in Rails [ci skip]
c330cc8 16 Sep 2017 Update Form Helpers guide to fix example codes [ci skip]
0e573a5 15 Sep 2017 Update Getting Started with Rails [ci skip]
3e05567 14 Sep 2017 Update Active Job Basics [ci skip]
6afb3db 13 Sep 2017 Update Getting Started with Rails [ci skip]
5af7d47 12 Sep 2017 Use escaped character in regexp
913742a 02 Sep 2017 Add :nodoc: to activerecord [ci skip]
70756b1 02 Sep 2017 Replace unnecessary link with typewriter text [ci skip]
78e0af4 30 Aug 2017 Update RDOC_MAIN.rdoc [ci skip]
10dfb15 30 Aug 2017 Make it same title in index and page [ci skip]
c7cd470 29 Aug 2017 Update activejob doc [ci skip]
413bb9b 29 Aug 2017 Update Action Mailer doc [ci skip]
e38900b 29 Aug 2017 Update Active Storage docs [ci skip]
ddc8f43 28 Aug 2017 Update Caching with Rails guide [ci skip]
0cc49a5 28 Aug 2017 Update Rails I18n API guide [ci skip]
1243ccc 27 Aug 2017 Fix grammar in guide [ci skip]
2e47c97 27 Aug 2017 Use tt in doc for ActionView [ci skip]
38b1392 27 Aug 2017 Use tt in doc for railties [skip ci]
a2f2d26 27 Aug 2017 Use tt in doc for ActiveRecord [ci skip]
9740a59 27 Aug 2017 Fix broken doc layout for action_view [ci skip]
8c5ab21 26 Aug 2017 Use tt in doc for ActionPack [ci skip]
70f75ca 25 Aug 2017 Use tt in doc for action_mailer [ci skip]
5eb831d 25 Aug 2017 Use typewriter in doc for Action Cable [ci skip]
0196ac6 25 Aug 2017 Enable links in Active Storage docs [ci skip]
6d9d70a 25 Aug 2017 Add :nodoc: for ActiveRecord::AttributeMethods [ci skip]
7ba922b 25 Aug 2017 Fix link in doc for active storage [ci skip]
cd949fa 25 Aug 2017 Fix broken doc for Active Record [ci skip]
b36c057 25 Aug 2017 Add paths to docs for Active Storage
ed1b4b9 23 Aug 2017 Fix broken link for Java xml [ci skip]
bf48e90 23 Aug 2017 Use https instead of http in guide [ci skip]
ac345f5 22 Aug 2017 Fix indentation in the template for secrets
9f6d6e9 22 Aug 2017 Fix spaces in the comment block [ci skip]
001ad88 22 Aug 2017 Update links to use https link instead of http [ci skip]
c7641eb 22 Aug 2017 Update links to use https instead of http [ci skip]
b279375 22 Aug 2017 Update links to use https instead of http [ci skip]
3a11e05 21 Aug 2017 Update MIT licenses link [ci skip]
bd7b61a 21 Aug 2017 Fix broken link to mysql docs in database.yml [ci skip]
a51c5bb 21 Aug 2017 Fix link Contributing Ruby on Rails [ci skip]
321be17 21 Aug 2017 Update Contributing to Ruby on Rails guide [ci skip]
60863ee 21 Aug 2017 Update generator guide [ci skip]
aa5e551 21 Aug 2017 Update Rails on Rack guide [ci skip]
102a765 21 Aug 2017 Update result of autoload_paths in Autoloading and Reloa...
e7c8e63 20 Aug 2017 Update Debugging Rails Applications guide [ci skip]
0027629 20 Aug 2017 Update The Rails Initialization Process of guide [ci skip]
e42e831 20 Aug 2017 Update database config in The Rails Comamnd Line of guid...
be49c30 19 Aug 2017 Support multiple versions arguments for `gem` method of ...
948c2c4 18 Aug 2017 Use ssl in guide and comment [ci skip]
e34fef3 18 Aug 2017 Use https instead of http or git in guide [ci skip]
10765c0 15 Aug 2017 Add system_test logs to guide [ci skip]
029b633 15 Aug 2017 Fix typo for api_app_generator_test
f2007bf 15 Aug 2017 Fix format of generator docs [ci skip]
66b92ab 14 Aug 2017 Fix guide about command_line [ci skip]
89ab59e 14 Aug 2017 Fix testing guide [skip ci]
b44b393 14 Aug 2017 Fix debugging rails application [ci skip]
77e8b9b 14 Aug 2017 Refactor max-age seconds
d1dabde 13 Aug 2017 Optimize routes indentation
6df78be 13 Aug 2017 Refactor `--api` option of the app generator
f7da8db 11 Aug 2017 Refactor app_generator_test (#30192)
8bf0967 11 Aug 2017 Optimize indentation for generator actions
7947741 11 Aug 2017 Fix example codes for generators guide [ci skip]
d9a2835 09 Aug 2017 [Active Storage] `rubocop -a --only Layout/TrailingBlank...
59f93bb 08 Aug 2017 Add git_source to Gemfile for plugin generator
62499cb 08 Aug 2017 Skip unused components when running in Rails plugin
8967170 07 Aug 2017 Fix dummy_app configuration
1dfc211 07 Aug 2017 Use `with_dummy_app?` in gitignore
81a9b59 07 Aug 2017 Removed empty line from dummy_manifest
0249989 06 Aug 2017 Fix engine command
fc84a19 06 Aug 2017 Fix escaped character
12f3d07 01 Aug 2017 [ci skip] Fix rails_command comments
02be30f 15 Jul 2017 Remove blank lines in setup