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#354 Yuki Nishijima - All time
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Hash Date Message
75eaefc 2014-09-13 Rescue Rack::Utils::ParameterTypeError instead of TypeError
616de8f 2014-09-13 Fix a bug where malformed query strings lead to 500
7143e0d 2014-09-07 [guides] Use `match ..., via: :all` in the custom except...
61a73c2 2014-06-25 Make dependencies.rb add a name to NameError
98f0cab 2014-06-24 Fix a bug where NameError#name returns a qualified name ...
10adc2e 2014-06-23 Delegate #model_name method to self.class
3fab50a 2014-06-20 Add warning for `rescue_from Exception` and `rescue_from...
3a98877 2014-06-19 ErrorsController shouldn't inherit ApplicationController...
c8a2538 2013-02-03 Put .rdoc at the end of the files named RUNNING_UNIT_TESTS
0ec88cd 2012-06-04 accept a block in button helper.