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#32 Yuuji Yaginuma - All time
Showing 488 commits

Hash Date Message
8a11fab 23 Jun 2017 Fix typo in `AC::UnfilteredParameters` message [ci skip]
5fac725 22 Jun 2017 Remove unused variable
2dafc4b 21 Jun 2017 Do not use private API in bug report templates
4cb293a 19 Jun 2017 Fix examples for `AC::Parameters#to_query` [ci skip]
e062c96 18 Jun 2017 Deprecate an `capify!` method in generators and templates
62913e4 13 Jun 2017 Fix formatting of AD::FileHandler and AD::Static doc [ci...
9231d2a 11 Jun 2017 Fix `Message::Encryptor` default cipher [ci skip]
bc90514 11 Jun 2017 Generate field ids in `collection_check_boxes` and `coll...
fe8658e 10 Jun 2017 Remove `null_allowed` option from doc [ci skip]
3ab7483 08 Jun 2017 Bundle capybara 2.14.1 that includes fix for Ruby warnings
d933175 07 Jun 2017 Remove unreachable code
7f0bbe7 03 Jun 2017 Fix formatting of `direct` and `resolve` doc [ci skip]
82e646f 28 May 2017 Bring back delayed_job to test list
d4d44e7 28 May 2017 Bump `delayed_job_active_record` gem
6eb0e66 28 May 2017 Includes namespace in system test skelton when namespace...
9b487b9 26 May 2017 Remove unused test class
7a154ab 24 May 2017 Correctly set user_supplied_options when there is no whi...
39de88e 22 May 2017 Remove rubygems version lock
e605921 15 May 2017 Fix `TestInvalidUrls` with rack 2.0.3
6086fba 15 May 2017 Bump rack version
a6dba93 09 May 2017 Allow to receive arbitrary arguments in `aggregated_resu...
d25eeb8 08 May 2017 Fix link to `assert_nothing_raised` doc [ci skip]
c776b64 08 May 2017 Allow irb options to be passed from `rails console` command
ca52f78 04 May 2017 Move `package.json` creation to `create_root_files`
8ba3da8 01 May 2017 Remove unnecessary `package.json` deletion
06dfda1 30 Apr 2017 Fix note about `secrets.yml` [ci skip]
df6aef2 29 Apr 2017 Remove entries included in 5.0 [ci skip]
247dace 24 Apr 2017 Add `form_with_generates_remote_forms` to configuring gu...
28f4551 23 Apr 2017 Ensure bin/yarn matches the one generated by webpacker
87d6cb3 22 Apr 2017 Set to `form_with_generates_remote_forms` only when conf...
8ae20e6 20 Apr 2017 Add missing require
2b82e96 18 Apr 2017 Remove datetime fields from helper list [ci skip]
827bfe4 16 Apr 2017 Use the config value directly when call `secrets`
a5d574f 15 Apr 2017 Fix module name [ci skip]
c26452b 12 Apr 2017 Make code statistics task handle system tests properly
a6d907e 12 Apr 2017 Don't generate system test files if `skip_system_test` o...
fb9e846 11 Apr 2017 Fix rubocop violations
e4cf71b 07 Apr 2017 Remove duplicated `delivery_method` definition
c4a1117 05 Apr 2017 Use appropriate type to `header` option
f2e3f59 03 Apr 2017 CI against Ruby 2.4.1
0c3391a 30 Mar 2017 Add missing backtick to deprecation message
fcf2430 28 Mar 2017 Remove unnecessary `javascript` option check
9a0ad3f 26 Mar 2017 Do not show hidden namespaces in destroy commnad help
c096262 25 Mar 2017 Rename local variable name `current_user` to `verified_u...
af2e39f 25 Mar 2017 Fix doc format for `duplicable?` [ci skip]
e7c4fe5 24 Mar 2017 Remove unnecessary files to API-only Applications when `...
142db62 22 Mar 2017 Don't comment out config.file_watcher during Rails upgrade
edcbb2e 21 Mar 2017 Fix store accessors in parameters test
a42351a 20 Mar 2017 Add `app:update` task to engines
91377c5 19 Mar 2017 Fix changelog entry about transaction error classes [ci ...
6dfe25a 19 Mar 2017 Fix `warning: character class has duplicated range`
53e6fe9 19 Mar 2017 Correctly check whether key is defined in configuration
41f8a9a 16 Mar 2017 Move new CHANGELOG entry to the top [ci skip]
bd5256a 15 Mar 2017 Rename test of `app:update` to more appropriate name
bc35e63 14 Mar 2017 Make destroy command work within engines
7b4fb25 12 Mar 2017 Add secrets edit test
6568da3 11 Mar 2017 Use correct value in `reverse_merge` test
841ddda 08 Mar 2017 Use appropriate type in generators test
8ca3de2 07 Mar 2017 move `db_migrate_path` method to `Migration` module
12cadc6 07 Mar 2017 Remove `:on` option that does ot exist [ci skip]
b9fa0fd 06 Mar 2017 Fix typo `titlelize` -> `titleize` [ci skip]
0c1ff42 05 Mar 2017 Fix `direct` with params example [ci skip]
780434d 04 Mar 2017 Fx system test example [ci skip]
5752ff8 04 Mar 2017 Silence puma startup messages in system test
2ee4058 04 Mar 2017 Do not take screenshot if driver does not support screen...
54ee15a 02 Mar 2017 Show correct commands in help
3279394 02 Mar 2017 Convert `ENV["EDITOR"]` to string before check
5c42123 01 Mar 2017 Use appropriate type for `test_framework` option
0434700 28 Feb 2017 `HOST` must be all capital letters
3da239a 28 Feb 2017 Take failed screenshot before reset driver
0192020 27 Feb 2017 Use released webpacker in new applications
60aeb6a 27 Feb 2017 Set correct host except development environment
a070dfa 26 Feb 2017 Only load SystemTestCase if Puma is defined
08df808 26 Feb 2017 Use released arel
87a8206 24 Feb 2017 does not show hidden namespaces in generator's help
35a7a29 24 Feb 2017 Make adding gemfile entry work even if specify only the ...
e69a0e3 24 Feb 2017 Make help short-cut alias to work
08d4aaa 24 Feb 2017 Make version short-cut alias to work
ebaf1e7 23 Feb 2017 Do not take screenshot when test skipped
6debcaa 22 Feb 2017 Add wrapper for plugin's test runner
6987c7c 22 Feb 2017 remove needless extension from system test example [ci s...
8e52ce9 21 Feb 2017 Do not display template files on API doc [ci skip]
38c2373 18 Feb 2017 Do not run `git init` in dummy application
53ff5fc 18 Feb 2017 Remove deprecate passing string to `:if` and `:unless` c...
f38a660 18 Feb 2017 Prevent multiple values being set to `run_via`
2c31e1c 11 Feb 2017 add `` to list of `TimeHelpers#travel_to` st...
4a694c1 10 Feb 2017 Use released resque
70e8fed 08 Feb 2017 remove `ActiveSupport.halt_callback_chains_on_return_fal...
4e63ce5 08 Feb 2017 deprecate `halt_callback_chains_on_return_false` instead...
529cebe 07 Feb 2017 remove link to edgeapi [ci skip]
4f8d86c 06 Feb 2017 Remove `ActiveModel::TestCase` from lib
53b98f1 04 Feb 2017 Add `:args` to `process.action_mailer` event
422f00b 03 Feb 2017 Ignore yarn error log file
5ed9755 02 Feb 2017 generate mailer layout files only when it does not exist
64920d9 01 Feb 2017 call `gem` `erubis` before require
725058f 31 Jan 2017 explicitly require `listen` in `EventedFileUpdateChecker...
11d9947 31 Jan 2017 remove unused variable
18cc66c 31 Jan 2017 add default value to `deliver_later_queue_name` option [...
f640c4c 28 Jan 2017 make backburner integration test to work
cc9d656 28 Jan 2017 make backburner integration test to work
a28f8b5 28 Jan 2017 restore `delivery_method` after test
acd4840 28 Jan 2017 make backburner integration test to work
44277a3 27 Jan 2017 add combination of Ruby 2.4 + aj:integration to CI
30206ae 25 Jan 2017 remove warning from `bin/setup` test
c42bd31 25 Jan 2017 correctly check error message
6e49cc7 24 Jan 2017 show correct class name in migration inherited directly ...
4ed0f36 24 Jan 2017 add warnings option to test runner
7816bff 23 Jan 2017 remove unreachable code
7fa5f38 23 Jan 2017 do not run `git init` when specify the `pretend` option
b8c34d1 22 Jan 2017 move `db_migrate_path` method to `Migration` module
58156a8 20 Jan 2017 add missing comment out [ci skip]
7085831 19 Jan 2017 update CREATE TABLE statements generated by `sqlite3` co...
9103f78 19 Jan 2017 update CREATE TABLE statements generated by `sqlite3` co...
bdc8818 19 Jan 2017 update CREATE TABLE statements generated by `sqlite3` co...
617fc7e 18 Jan 2017 only enhance when `assets:precompile` task is defined
dcc6a2b 18 Jan 2017 load yarn.rake
174ad8d 18 Jan 2017 restore class and module deleted by mistake
073f4ec 17 Jan 2017 allow to pass describe option to rake
761afeb 15 Jan 2017 make `render` work with AC::Params
c2b5c05 15 Jan 2017 remove unused require
a89a06b 15 Jan 2017 remove unnecessary addition of `lib`
67471a2 12 Jan 2017 fix method name in `Renderer` doc [ci skip]
96d8521 11 Jan 2017 remove unused requires
ac09c55 10 Jan 2017 Revert "Merge pull request #27619 from dixpac/add_missin...
f5f834f 09 Jan 2017 improve server default options test
2a5c116 09 Jan 2017 make all rails commands work in engine
d97ba34 06 Jan 2017 ensure `#compact` of HWIDA to return HWIDA
75e3096 01 Jan 2017 add `bin/test` script for railties
4e5a96d 01 Jan 2017 remove unnecessary `remove_file`
9b72fcc 31 Dec 2016 remove `skip_bundle` option from plugin generator
ebeecee 27 Dec 2016 do not mutate `object_name` of class in `fields_for`
f27edc8 25 Dec 2016 Correct indent-accounting in controller route generation
6547042 24 Dec 2016 use Thor option parser in server commands parse
baa8c5a 22 Dec 2016 quiet generators log in test
2047877 17 Dec 2016 make work bin/test scripts with line filter
92dae5d 14 Dec 2016 use appropriate type for `rc` option
2f6105e 13 Dec 2016 fix new warning in ruby 2.4
2cb8558 12 Dec 2016 change return value of `duplicable?` with Ruby 2.4+
c2c840f 10 Dec 2016 run `webpack` command only when webpack option is specified
7fab050 09 Dec 2016 remove deprecated `assert_send` from assertion list [ci ...
d71f289 03 Dec 2016 stop using removed `render :text`
dffeb3d 02 Dec 2016 use yarn binstub in `bin/update`
75607a6 30 Nov 2016 use `Gem.win_platform?` to check windows Ruby platforms
3222538 27 Nov 2016 use public Module#include instead of send :include
93b7816 26 Nov 2016 use correct variable in BacktraceCleaner test
fa5436e 20 Nov 2016 fix typo in `match` doc [ci skip]
f5e738b 19 Nov 2016 move CHANGELOG entry to the appropriate file [ci skip]
5b825c5 18 Nov 2016 remove Ruby warning from Active Job test helper methods
70878b6 17 Nov 2016 use `force_encoding` instread of `encode!` to avoid `Und...
df947b4 16 Nov 2016 update list of rescue_responses default [ci skip]
cfbc617 16 Nov 2016 update description of Etag [ci skip]
eda23fa 14 Nov 2016 remove `alias_method_chain` from guide [ci skip]
7d1e104 14 Nov 2016 remove duplicated changelog entry [ci skip]
7c7f4f9 14 Nov 2016 use correct value in example [ci skip]
9d700ad 05 Nov 2016 remove unused require
34530f5 02 Nov 2016 remove warning from railtie
c33c03e 31 Oct 2016 remove warning from big integer test
8ee7d5e 30 Oct 2016 update doc about assets digest class [ci skip]
9d0ebd6 28 Oct 2016 don't use `skip_action_callback` in `skip_filter`
51f1d5a 26 Oct 2016 remove unused `RedirectBackError` class
3db6ca9 26 Oct 2016 fix initializer name [ci skip]
5b54a90 24 Oct 2016 remove assets config from `new_framework_defaults` if `-...
0f87413 24 Oct 2016 update description of Etag [ci skip]
2aab983 19 Oct 2016 update doc about `change_column_default` [ci skip]
6d7f35e 18 Oct 2016 add `ActionController::Parameters#merge!`
77bdbb5 14 Oct 2016 add missing closing tag [ci skip]
447e1a4 13 Oct 2016 clear all environments log files by default
be199df 08 Oct 2016 correct exception class in `retry_on` example [ci skip]
f597822 02 Oct 2016 add `cached` key to `sql.active_record` event [ci skip]
ca41faf 29 Sep 2016 remove `mongrel` once again
9a91880 28 Sep 2016 update description of queue adapter in test [ci skip]
1269795 27 Sep 2016 use `active_support/testing/autorun` in `bin/test` script
34a313a 27 Sep 2016 fix typo in `DateAndTime::Calculations#all_week` doc [ci...
508edbc 23 Sep 2016 fix formatting of `define_callbacks` doc [ci skip]
439fb7a 23 Sep 2016 use correct Gemfile in `bin/setup` test
9a80f52 22 Sep 2016 remove unnecessary `RAILS_ENV` setting
6a8e7fd 19 Sep 2016 fix link to `resque` [ci skip]
05fa6f3 19 Sep 2016 use rails command in restart task test
fa5200f 18 Sep 2016 change `MemCacheStore#increment` and `MemCacheStore#decr...
77b2e46 17 Sep 2016 remove unused require `benchmark`
97544ed 17 Sep 2016 add check of argument
5de9125 17 Sep 2016 fix formatting of `Cache::Store#fetch` [ci skip]
4e74c39 16 Sep 2016 fix typo in `add_column` doc [ci skip]
9106318 14 Sep 2016 fix broken generators test
51ba714 12 Sep 2016 use correct Gemfile in `bin/setup` test
f200a52 12 Sep 2016 remove useless `gemfile` option
1b128f8 11 Sep 2016 remove duplicated fixture set names
99620d1 11 Sep 2016 use correct Gemfile in `bin/setup` test
24ae77f 08 Sep 2016 generate mailer layout files if it does not already exist
5d33209 07 Sep 2016 update doc about default `cache_store` [ci skip]
700c558 07 Sep 2016 call `.to_h` to avoid using deprecated method
74a49ba 05 Sep 2016 use `descendants` to get class that inherited `ActiveJob...
951353e 05 Sep 2016 change `Class#descendants` to public API [ci skip]
0b21977 05 Sep 2016 use `descendants` to get class that inherited `ActiveJob...
333f10e 04 Sep 2016 make `fixture_file_upload` work in integration tests
f282626 03 Sep 2016 rename test method to avoid overriding
29cab68 02 Sep 2016 add Active Job bug report templates to guide [ci skip]
9eba3d6 02 Sep 2016 fix class name typo
c762a24 31 Aug 2016 remove warning from `video_tag`
392d03a 30 Aug 2016 use `message` that specified in argument to error message
6582c7c 29 Aug 2016 use `inspect` for show `from` value
3173244 20 Aug 2016 remove unnessary `session_store` setting
88f9a15 20 Aug 2016 correct exception class in `retry_on` example [ci skip]
72831d7 19 Aug 2016 run `before_configuration` callbacks as soon as applicat...
fa7c78d 17 Aug 2016 add missing require rake
6e95682 17 Aug 2016 refactor `CommandsTasks`
a899549 14 Aug 2016 remove needless warning for hstore
a42ec22 14 Aug 2016 remove "test/mailers" directory when skipping action-mailer
6fc8b54 11 Aug 2016 add missing require rake
73f3326 08 Aug 2016 update list of rescue_responses default [ci skip]
bf71b6a 03 Aug 2016 show error message when error raised in rails runner
987df0f 01 Aug 2016 remove old links from debugging guide [ci skip]
e3fc35b 31 Jul 2016 remove unnecessary require and extend
777ae60 16 Jul 2016 add missing braces [ci skip]
7568f31 10 Jul 2016 remove unnecessary send
c8a18aa 06 Jul 2016 remove `-t` option from default sendmail arguments [ci s...
2a45296 06 Jul 2016 remove `-t` option from default sendmail arguments [ci s...
8c46abf 05 Jul 2016 test with latest resque
45ecfc0 02 Jul 2016 refer to rails command instead of rake in doc of `Source...
1bd694e 02 Jul 2016 fix task name to remove
93552cb 30 Jun 2016 add missing things to release notes [ci skip]
738156f 29 Jun 2016 remove useless parameter
e9a909c 29 Jun 2016 update description of `test_order` [ci skip]
71c54cf 26 Jun 2016 remove unecessary comments [ci skip]
61a6f35 26 Jun 2016 remove unecessary comments [ci skip]
df17f7e 26 Jun 2016 remove unecessary comments [ci skip]
e130ce4 25 Jun 2016 make `as` option work with get parameters
8f29009 24 Jun 2016 return correct type from `EnumType`
8cafa57 09 Jun 2016 remove deprecated `:prefix` option from doc [ci skip]
f57b704 06 Jun 2016 add #23980 to release notes [ci skip]
441bffb 06 Jun 2016 add #23980 to release notes [ci skip]
8a5f17e 06 Jun 2016 remove needless comments
3c61cdb 02 Jun 2016 reference actual class to use middleware
fda13d5 29 May 2016 rename enum_prefix and enum_suffix options to _prefix an...
5e87e1f 28 May 2016 fix incorrect class name [ci skip]
aecf182 27 May 2016 add missing `as` to request kwargs of `ActionDispatch::I...
3c1c9fd 23 May 2016 remove deprecated `Module#qualified_const_` from guide [...
99ee8f8 21 May 2016 add #23980 to release notes [ci skip]
df3d97d 20 May 2016 fix module name [ci skip]
f0f4cb2 14 May 2016 generate mailer layout files if it does not already exist
823fdba 08 May 2016 change to cable.js [ci skip]
017c7f4 07 May 2016 change to cable.js [ci skip]
c16a4ca 05 May 2016 do not pass conditions to `#destroy_all` [ci skip]
e86a1bd 03 May 2016 remove `empty?` from CHANGELOG [ci skip]
0ae2062 01 May 2016 fix incorrect module name [ci skip]
151080a 30 Apr 2016 add #24385 to 5.0 release notes [ci skip]
cfa1df4 27 Apr 2016 update record specified in key
996092e 24 Apr 2016 register rake options to `OptionParser`
9fa0709 24 Apr 2016 remove unnessary option setting from test runner
ad9bdfc 24 Apr 2016 add channels files in `stats` task
1a40995 21 Apr 2016 add doc for `:type` option of `#create_join_table` [ci s...
c3082b7 21 Apr 2016 use wrapper file to add rake task for engines
a1c77af 20 Apr 2016 use rails command in `time:zones` task desc [ci skip]
aa757d0 16 Apr 2016 don't remove `cable.js`
a2f0343 15 Apr 2016 update example to specify the Action Cable mount path [c...
f02a940 10 Apr 2016 fix typo in file path [ci skip]
ab18d37 10 Apr 2016 do not create unnecessary directory
d03c90e 08 Apr 2016 remove needless entry [ci skip]
a972fb8 07 Apr 2016 remove blank line generated in application_mailer.rb
ef6699b 02 Apr 2016 remove deprecated `datetime_field` from guide [ci skip]
87824ab 29 Mar 2016 update `assert_no_performed_jobs` doc to use `assert_no_...
be8bc47 27 Mar 2016 add `:index_errors` option to example [ci skip]
06cd7ab 26 Mar 2016 show correct command name in help of rails runner
9a9fc01 25 Mar 2016 generate ApplicationJob if it does not already exist
fb11639 21 Mar 2016 update Active Job default adapter [ci skip]
173b524 20 Mar 2016 changed default value of `caching` option to `nil`
272058b 14 Mar 2016 add `queue_classic` to list of provide `provider_job_id`...
0c85ff3 13 Mar 2016 add headers to payload list [ci skip]
e58a2b0 12 Mar 2016 silence deprecation message for dynamic controller and a...
3d09a70 11 Mar 2016 use `ActiveSupport::Reloader.to_prepare` instead of depr...
5ad722c 09 Mar 2016 add return values to example [ci skip]
163df5d 09 Mar 2016 use same name to type object
b6618c6 06 Mar 2016 remove entry for reverted commit [ci skip]
55a205c 06 Mar 2016 make attributes API example to work [ci skip]
a7d6aa3 05 Mar 2016 chage `date_time` type ` to `datetime`
23e03f6 05 Mar 2016 fix typo in attribute example [ci skip]
722227a 05 Mar 2016 remove config that are no longer needed in sprockets-rai...
8b18feb 04 Mar 2016 remove outdated comment [ci skip]
40dcb47 04 Mar 2016 add `scaffold_stylesheet` method to guide [ci skip]
a73adfa 01 Mar 2016 do not set Action Cable's config when specify `--skip-ac...
21da4cb 28 Feb 2016 remove "rake" word [ci skip]
aaf13f8 28 Feb 2016 use `app:update` instead of deprecated `rails:update` [c...
861e7d4 28 Feb 2016 convert to cable.js
5a9cc01 27 Feb 2016 remove rack cors initializer when updating
71686f0 26 Feb 2016 fix typo in pull_request_template [ci skip]
9614f93 24 Feb 2016 correctly check `ApplicationRecord` is exist in moutable...
64d5373 21 Feb 2016 use method provided by minitest
9ceb0ea 19 Feb 2016 remove needless `debug_exception_response_format` config...
8e95feb 18 Feb 2016 set `skip_listen` option to dummy appplication
1b8fc04 17 Feb 2016 modify to `error` also abort when specify fail fast option
dbc30d7 17 Feb 2016 remove unused method
0146a05 15 Feb 2016 generate mailer views in Rails API
b9e2261 13 Feb 2016 remove `active_support.test_order` from environment file
f653b3b 13 Feb 2016 add missing name option to flash test example [ci skip]
424b201 10 Feb 2016 remove warnings from FinderMethods
9e70daa 09 Feb 2016 remove description of `render :nothing` from guide [ci s...
3546b3f 08 Feb 2016 remove `faye-websocket` dependency from README [ci skip]
6809758 07 Feb 2016 fix typo in `assert_enqueued_jobs` example [ci skip]
00c64e8 06 Feb 2016 set association name to generated fixtures if attribute ...
ea785e5 06 Feb 2016 Revert "When generating a mailer, you must specify Maile...
cdb6f2e 05 Feb 2016 don’t explicitly mention EventMachine [ci skip]
c9768b8 05 Feb 2016 move CHANGELOG entry to the appropriate position [ci skip]
924f33a 05 Feb 2016 add missing include to engine test example [ci skip]
33681d0 03 Feb 2016 update supported version of PostgreSQL in docs [ci skip]
fae1724 02 Feb 2016 use rails command in routes task
b700d48 02 Feb 2016 move `test_generator_if_skip_action_cable_is_given_for_a...
3ffa5a1 31 Jan 2016 make rake proxy work in rails engines
284f8d4 30 Jan 2016 remove unnecessary gsub for `action_cable_meta_tag`
92cca41 30 Jan 2016 remove backward compatibility code for Minitest 4
a027a75 30 Jan 2016 remove unused require
647a04c 30 Jan 2016 remove unused variable from render test
57a1aba 23 Jan 2016 fix path of Action Cable configuration file [ci skip]
82deb76 22 Jan 2016 remove `per_form_csrf_tokens` initializer from Rails API
0e83596 19 Jan 2016 refer to rails command instead of rake in environment error
6f0bbce 16 Jan 2016 remove unnecessary `ENV[]` from `log:clear` example [ci...
26b5cbf 15 Jan 2016 allow symbol to end of string in `wrap_in_modules`
fc3de91 15 Jan 2016 add application_mailer.rb to template of mountable engine
d82bf14 11 Jan 2016 delete only unnecessary reporter
a2338c5 11 Jan 2016 remove warnings from rake test
3ba176d 09 Jan 2016 match the environment variable name that actually checki...
229064c 06 Jan 2016 make generated controller test work correctly
7c39328 03 Jan 2016 move CHANGELOG entry to the appropriate position [ci skip]
571b090 02 Jan 2016 correctly presence check of `application_record.rb` in p...
541caff 02 Jan 2016 add test of that `application_record.rb` is generated in...
b8bbdc5 27 Dec 2015 fix link to pr [ci skip]
621ed49 23 Dec 2015 fix TypeError when using submit_tag with Symbol value
9917c0c 22 Dec 2015 remove cors initializer from rails app
b441c5d 22 Dec 2015 do not use `div_for` in example [ci skip]
0e7c08d 22 Dec 2015 use `bin/test` in plugins guide [ci skip]
4f8c36a 20 Dec 2015 display detailed information in inline reporting
7674277 19 Dec 2015 fix typo in config value [ci skip]
4a7bd88 18 Dec 2015 add line break between method of generated channel js
703f105 18 Dec 2015 fix indentation of generated controller test
f34beb5 17 Dec 2015 README.rdoc -> for newly generated plugins
dfa51d4 17 Dec 2015 fix typo in method name [ci skip]
08780ef 15 Dec 2015 remove extra spaces from deprecation message
abc7b88 11 Dec 2015 fix links to code of conduct [ci skip]
e4e42d0 10 Dec 2015 show relative path the rerun snippet of test runner in r...
cf8a41e 06 Dec 2015 remove `request_forgery_protection` initializer from rai...
4ab20ed 05 Dec 2015 remove warning from postgresql geometric test
8242bcf 27 Nov 2015 add `bin/test` script to rails plugin
dcb1a97 14 Nov 2015 do not show Active Job test generator
dbb970f 12 Nov 2015 don't package test files in plugin gemspec
69f0b49 09 Nov 2015 fix method name typo [ci skip]
595fa6e 08 Nov 2015 fix application_controller require_dependency path gener...
7b679af 07 Nov 2015 remove deprecated `:tokenizer` option from guide [ci skip]
2fd5e4d 02 Nov 2015 remove unnecessary `.sass-cache` from plugin's gitignore...
a940286 31 Oct 2015 minor formatting changes [ci skip]
17541c7 27 Oct 2015 fix typo in `db:purge` description [ci skip]
8e7998c 25 Oct 2015 fix rdoc markup [ci skip]
65590e3 23 Oct 2015 remove unnecessary readme in dummy application
93d99c5 18 Oct 2015 remove useless method
12248b8 12 Oct 2015 do not generate manifest.js in plugins
9b4ec02 08 Oct 2015 remove unused require
4678470 08 Oct 2015 change `prepare_destination` to public API [ci skip]
70b09ed 03 Oct 2015 use class to specify the middleware [ci skip]
cc7867d 28 Sep 2015 check if @rake_patterns is defined
908d687 23 Sep 2015 remove warning from Calculations#sum
43ee2d8 23 Sep 2015 stop using deprecated method in mailers controller
13dfc8f 20 Sep 2015 fix application_controller require_dependency path gener...
2b85f19 20 Sep 2015 fix application_controller require_dependency path gener...
2e81469 20 Sep 2015 fix application_controller require_dependency path gener...
ac29778 20 Sep 2015 remove association reload option from guide [ci skip]
09e3aa6 19 Sep 2015 change test method name to the appropriate name
8b7950e 10 Sep 2015 add description of passing a block to `add_source` [ci s...
40d5a60 10 Sep 2015 fix wrong method used in the TimeWithZone#inspect method...
df744b5 07 Sep 2015 modify to pass the correct argument to the test runner f...
084a390 06 Sep 2015 raise LoadError when a non-existent file or directory is...
40c96f7 04 Sep 2015 fix module name typo in API app guide [ci skip]
75d96ac 02 Sep 2015 add a description of the return value that was missing [...
341151d 30 Aug 2015 fix typo in method name [ci skip]
ab8338f 28 Aug 2015 make `ENV` a required argument
c98fd25 28 Aug 2015 remove link to outdated article in plugins guide [ci skip]
46eb6a0 26 Aug 2015 remove require of files under support that do not use
6e46ba3 23 Aug 2015 fix syntax error in strip_links example [ci skip]
4d90bd0 20 Aug 2015 fix path of annotations.rake [ci skip]
e875273 15 Aug 2015 use `average_scheduled_poll_interval` option instead of ...
22d863d 09 Aug 2015 make generated scaffold functional tests work inside API...
c0747e2 08 Aug 2015 use uuid method to define the UUID type [ci skip]
35a734d 06 Aug 2015 stop using deprecated `render :text` in railties
ac65bff 02 Aug 2015 correct example of button_tag [ci skip]
79b74d2 01 Aug 2015 add Active Job section to instrumentation guide [ci skip]
0a20e48 28 Jul 2015 pass the correct argument to mock on a test of `validate...
4659926 27 Jul 2015 set the correct path to `ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest...
fec638c 18 Jul 2015 use `plain` option instead of deprecated `text` option
c0e5905 17 Jul 2015 add application_job.rb to template of mountable engine
824246f 12 Jul 2015 make test runner work correctly inside engine
0a483eb 11 Jul 2015 fix class name typo [ci skip]
8c6f7ca 09 Jul 2015 remove `web-console` from API app generated Gemfile
7fab41c 05 Jul 2015 remove reference to `country_options_for_select` and `co...
56b31e0 05 Jul 2015 remove reference to `country_options_for_select` and `co...
bba409e 05 Jul 2015 remove reference to `country_options_for_select` and `co...
4e4ad5f 02 Jul 2015 remove unnecessary loading fixtures from `navigation_tes...
eeed8ab 28 Jun 2015 correct example output of references migration [ci skip]
b1738e1 28 Jun 2015 fix NoMethodError that occurs when generating scaffold i...
5469d9e 27 Jun 2015 correct `file_fixture_path` in plugins `test_helper.rb`
4e0c39f 25 Jun 2015 remove nonexistent hook from instrumentation guide [ci s...
1d3e0f5 22 Jun 2015 do not show "Failed tests" message when a failed test is...
3bcb637 21 Jun 2015 remove unused variable in reporter test
79da980 18 Jun 2015 correct example output of references migration [ci skip]
576a83c 18 Jun 2015 remove `Rails::Rack::Debugger` from guides [ci skip]
95de0f0 12 Jun 2015 fix doc about foreign key name [ci skip]
eb9f42b 07 Jun 2015 add `instantiation.active_record` hook to instrumentatio...
4fded7c 05 Jun 2015 modify console of app method in that can use the path he...
3612793 02 Jun 2015 add test to run generated test files inside mountable en...
c861ef2 31 May 2015 add engine's namespace to fixture name
6a8d918 31 May 2015 set engine's route in the functional test is generated i...
aa8672a 23 May 2015 use keyword arguments in HTTP request methods of assert_...
88787e7 21 May 2015 remove reference to `div_for` method from guide [ci skip]
90f3c28 14 May 2015 remove warning from integer ext test
49a59cc 09 May 2015 `assert_emails` in block form use the given number as ex...
9150866 30 Apr 2015 match a expected value with message of `assert_equal` in...
9a0177b 21 Apr 2015 update Ruby required version in Getting Started guide [c...
986753f 20 Apr 2015 correct link to Generic template [ci skip]
33653c8 19 Apr 2015 add missing require for ArrayInquirer
653246f 15 Apr 2015 remove extra `=` in form builder example [ci skip]
d2be2a9 14 Apr 2015 fix indent in routes when using namespaced controllers
3b88493 12 Apr 2015 remove reference to `register_javascript_expansion` and ...
cb04fa4 06 Apr 2015 correct the directory which rake notes look by default [...
e2d9e85 03 Apr 2015 correct output of auto_discovery_link_tag [ci skip]
655273c 31 Mar 2015 remove extra newline from ApplicationJob template
5341cbc 29 Mar 2015 use correct method in batches test
71c7c68 27 Mar 2015 respect `pluralize_table_names` when generate fixture fi...
df280c4 25 Mar 2015 update `config.assets.digest` default value in guides [c...
a8bf335 21 Mar 2015 use `Dir.exist?` instead of deprecated `Dir.exists?`
478c73f 19 Mar 2015 add foreign_key option to result of references column ty...
5f6fc9e 14 Mar 2015 add mailer suffix to comments for email previews
dc667fc 12 Mar 2015 add `` to list of `TimeHelpers#travel_to` st...
71dcc40 09 Mar 2015 use public Module#include instead of send :include [ci s...
fbb1185 07 Mar 2015 update integration test example as is not output depreca...
2449258 04 Mar 2015 fix spelling, `ERb` -> `ERB` [ci skip]
35d12ef 01 Mar 2015 fix ActionView::Template::Error when using Streaming wit...
4b0f0bc 28 Feb 2015 add `ActiveJob::TestCase` to list of classes providing f...
0eec7d2 27 Feb 2015 fix NameError in `skip_filter`. callback doesn't exist.
5ef1871 25 Feb 2015 update docs to reflect that mailer generator add suffix ...
ea85b39 23 Feb 2015 fix method name in mime type example. `Mime::Type.[]` do...
66e2e19 20 Feb 2015 use `messages` instead of deprecated `ActiveModel::Error...
c76de78 17 Feb 2015 correct method name in deprecation message
cf7b677 15 Feb 2015 fix syntax error in render partial example [ci skip]
6976886 12 Feb 2015 fix typo in fresh_when example [ci skip]
37b36a4 07 Feb 2015 use kwargs instead of xhr method. refs #18771.
7c342af 04 Feb 2015 load "rack/test" before "action_controller/railtie" in b...
9e99bb5 25 Jan 2015 fix task description for tmp:create
fce9c4e 22 Jan 2015 fix regexp for validate an integer in guides [ci skip]
5c672c0 19 Jan 2015 fix typo in number_field_tag documentation [ci skip]
8f2264c 18 Jan 2015 remove reference to `Logger` core extensions from guide ...
fe9f8fb 14 Jan 2015 fix link in autoloading guide [ci skip]
e3be421 11 Jan 2015 remove autoload HideActions, no longer exist
af3eb59 08 Jan 2015 follow up to #18074
54368bb 31 Dec 2014 fix rake command typo in Testing guide [ci skip]
2a110fc 23 Dec 2014 fix typo in nodoc
1581348 22 Dec 2014 `bin/rake` does not exist in plugin directory [ci skip]
f165a10 17 Dec 2014 fix link in autoloading guide [ci skip]
628580c 09 Dec 2014 [ci skip] fix typo in MessageVerifier#verify docs
42abc9d 06 Dec 2014 [ci skip] add `enable_extension` to PostgreSQL hstore ex...
5accf7a 03 Dec 2014 [ci skip] remove references to `Numeric#from_now`
c15d3fb 30 Nov 2014 [ci skip] fix description of url_for
f9411b4 27 Nov 2014 Don't remove mailer layouts files
85774cf 22 Nov 2014 [ci skip] correct example output and filename in pg guide
3e296e7 15 Nov 2014 [ci skip] add "Qu" to Backends Features list
066faa0 07 Nov 2014 [ci skip] modify default host in command line guide
d027e27 05 Nov 2014 [ci skip] fix `config.assets.digest` default value
1b958e0 02 Nov 2014 Revert "Replace String index juggling with Pathname good...
a34db58 31 Oct 2014 [ci skip] fix incorrect key in Active Support Instrument...
7bb678b 19 Oct 2014 [ci skip] add :queue option to deliver_later and deliver...
9510c1e 16 Oct 2014 [ci skip] add AC::InvalidCrossOriginRequest to list of r...
a1e925d 08 Oct 2014 update error message when InlineAdapter is used
2589542 02 Oct 2014 [ci skip] add `test:jobs` task to testing guide
ab22946 27 Sep 2014 [ci skip] fix typo in set examples
39bef58 22 Sep 2014 add message to `assert` in `assert_enqueued_with`
4f5d60f 20 Sep 2014 [ci skip] modify the description of production log level...
14f07fd 15 Sep 2014 Add `test:jobs` task
b3c9d3e 13 Sep 2014 Change ActiveJob test directory to "test/jobs"
e6f8cba 10 Sep 2014 [ci skip] application.rb -> development.rb in web-consol...
ce39d73 09 Sep 2014 Remove extra newline from ActiveJob test template
83bf95f 02 Sep 2014 [ci skip] Fix a typo in the doc of MessageDelivery
2c8badd 29 Aug 2014 [ci skip] Fix example code of ActiveRecord::FixtureSet.c...
397a310 27 Aug 2014 [ci skip] Modify a web-console PR link
8a732e0 24 Aug 2014 show stats for app/jobs
ec1c608 23 Aug 2014 Fix example code in Active Job guide [ci skip]
7a796b4 19 Aug 2014 [ci skip] config.active_record.errors_in_transactional_c...
2ba1670 17 Aug 2014 [ci skip] Fix sample code in Layouts and Rendering guide
784f2c5 12 Aug 2014 [ci skip] Fix broken url in plugins guide
38e8bb8 10 Aug 2014 [ci skip] Fix sample code in engines guide
c9469c0 03 Aug 2014 [ci skip] Remove "Machinist" from testing guide
ea88b8e 24 Jul 2014 [ci skip]Add i18n master to the Gemfile
7464d00 21 Jul 2014 [ci skip] Fix code in Routing Guide
71da4b0 15 Jun 2014 [ci skip] correct doc for `register_preview_interceptor`