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#98 yuuji.yaginuma - All time
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Hash Date Message
0eec7d2 2015-02-27 fix NameError in `skip_filter`. callback doesn't exist.
5ef1871 2015-02-25 update docs to reflect that mailer generator add suffix ...
ea85b39 2015-02-23 fix method name in mime type example. `Mime::Type.[]` do...
66e2e19 2015-02-20 use `messages` instead of deprecated `ActiveModel::Error...
c76de78 2015-02-17 correct method name in deprecation message
cf7b677 2015-02-15 fix syntax error in render partial example [ci skip]
6976886 2015-02-12 fix typo in fresh_when example [ci skip]
37b36a4 2015-02-07 use kwargs instead of xhr method. refs #18771.
7c342af 2015-02-04 load "rack/test" before "action_controller/railtie" in b...
9e99bb5 2015-01-25 fix task description for tmp:create
fce9c4e 2015-01-22 fix regexp for validate an integer in guides [ci skip]
5c672c0 2015-01-19 fix typo in number_field_tag documentation [ci skip]
8f2264c 2015-01-18 remove reference to `Logger` core extensions from guide ...
fe9f8fb 2015-01-14 fix link in autoloading guide [ci skip]
e3be421 2015-01-11 remove autoload HideActions, no longer exist
af3eb59 2015-01-08 follow up to #18074
54368bb 2014-12-31 fix rake command typo in Testing guide [ci skip]
2a110fc 2014-12-23 fix typo in nodoc
1581348 2014-12-22 `bin/rake` does not exist in plugin directory [ci skip]
f165a10 2014-12-17 fix link in autoloading guide [ci skip]
628580c 2014-12-09 [ci skip] fix typo in MessageVerifier#verify docs
42abc9d 2014-12-06 [ci skip] add `enable_extension` to PostgreSQL hstore ex...
5accf7a 2014-12-03 [ci skip] remove references to `Numeric#from_now`
c15d3fb 2014-11-30 [ci skip] fix description of url_for
f9411b4 2014-11-27 Don't remove mailer layouts files
85774cf 2014-11-22 [ci skip] correct example output and filename in pg guide
3e296e7 2014-11-15 [ci skip] add "Qu" to Backends Features list
066faa0 2014-11-07 [ci skip] modify default host in command line guide
d027e27 2014-11-05 [ci skip] fix `config.assets.digest` default value
1b958e0 2014-11-02 Revert "Replace String index juggling with Pathname good...
a34db58 2014-10-31 [ci skip] fix incorrect key in Active Support Instrument...
7bb678b 2014-10-19 [ci skip] add :queue option to deliver_later and deliver...
9510c1e 2014-10-16 [ci skip] add AC::InvalidCrossOriginRequest to list of r...
a1e925d 2014-10-08 update error message when InlineAdapter is used
2589542 2014-10-02 [ci skip] add `test:jobs` task to testing guide
ab22946 2014-09-27 [ci skip] fix typo in set examples
39bef58 2014-09-22 add message to `assert` in `assert_enqueued_with`
4f5d60f 2014-09-20 [ci skip] modify the description of production log level...
14f07fd 2014-09-15 Add `test:jobs` task
b3c9d3e 2014-09-13 Change ActiveJob test directory to "test/jobs"
e6f8cba 2014-09-10 [ci skip] application.rb -> development.rb in web-consol...
ce39d73 2014-09-09 Remove extra newline from ActiveJob test template
83bf95f 2014-09-02 [ci skip] Fix a typo in the doc of MessageDelivery
2c8badd 2014-08-29 [ci skip] Fix example code of ActiveRecord::FixtureSet.c...
397a310 2014-08-27 [ci skip] Modify a web-console PR link
8a732e0 2014-08-24 show stats for app/jobs
ec1c608 2014-08-23 Fix example code in Active Job guide [ci skip]
7a796b4 2014-08-19 [ci skip] config.active_record.errors_in_transactional_c...
2ba1670 2014-08-17 [ci skip] Fix sample code in Layouts and Rendering guide
784f2c5 2014-08-12 [ci skip] Fix broken url in plugins guide
38e8bb8 2014-08-10 [ci skip] Fix sample code in engines guide
c9469c0 2014-08-03 [ci skip] Remove "Machinist" from testing guide
ea88b8e 2014-07-24 [ci skip]Add i18n master to the Gemfile
7464d00 2014-07-21 [ci skip] Fix code in Routing Guide
71da4b0 2014-06-15 [ci skip] correct doc for `register_preview_interceptor`