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#109 yuuji.yaginuma - Edge
Showing 15 commits

Hash Date Message
9e99bb5 2015-01-25 fix task description for tmp:create
fce9c4e 2015-01-22 fix regexp for validate an integer in guides [ci skip]
5c672c0 2015-01-19 fix typo in number_field_tag documentation [ci skip]
8f2264c 2015-01-18 remove reference to `Logger` core extensions from guide ...
fe9f8fb 2015-01-14 fix link in autoloading guide [ci skip]
e3be421 2015-01-11 remove autoload HideActions, no longer exist
54368bb 2014-12-31 fix rake command typo in Testing guide [ci skip]
2a110fc 2014-12-23 fix typo in nodoc
1581348 2014-12-22 `bin/rake` does not exist in plugin directory [ci skip]
f165a10 2014-12-17 fix link in autoloading guide [ci skip]
628580c 2014-12-09 [ci skip] fix typo in MessageVerifier#verify docs
42abc9d 2014-12-06 [ci skip] add `enable_extension` to PostgreSQL hstore ex...
5accf7a 2014-12-03 [ci skip] remove references to `Numeric#from_now`
c15d3fb 2014-11-30 [ci skip] fix description of url_for
f9411b4 2014-11-27 Don't remove mailer layouts files