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#429 yuuji.yaginuma - Edge
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Hash Date Message
7a796b4 2014-08-19 [ci skip] config.active_record.errors_in_transactional_c...
2ba1670 2014-08-17 [ci skip] Fix sample code in Layouts and Rendering guide
784f2c5 2014-08-12 [ci skip] Fix broken url in plugins guide
38e8bb8 2014-08-10 [ci skip] Fix sample code in engines guide
c9469c0 2014-08-03 [ci skip] Remove "Machinist" from testing guide
ea88b8e 2014-07-24 [ci skip]Add i18n master to the Gemfile
7464d00 2014-07-21 [ci skip] Fix code in Routing Guide
71da4b0 2014-06-15 [ci skip] correct doc for `register_preview_interceptor`