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#114 Zuhao Wan - All time
Showing 44 commits

Hash Date Message
be58912 2014-07-28 Add where condition so select_one returns the correct re...
330df51 2014-07-23 reset_column_infomation shouldn't be part of the assertion.
4dfe213 2014-07-22 Remove redundant that already happened in teardown.
c40bfc8 2014-07-22 Make sure assertion passes for postgresql.
8e30a63 2014-07-22 Remove length limit that results failure in other tests.
18cc712 2014-07-22 Remove the side-effects of validates_presence_of.
a843d54 2014-07-08 Include fixtures to prevent foreign key violation.
9ccf4d1 2014-07-08 Warm up cache to prevent assertion failure.
d75f4dc 2014-06-28 Cleanup loaded features and constants after dependency t...
023d14e 2014-06-22 Create with_env helper for tests.
42b3359 2014-06-22 Avoid hardcoded magic number in test teardown.
17ad556 2014-06-22 Use with_parse_json_times helper in tests.
9c49288 2014-06-18 Extract out with_env_tz helper method.
0c2fbc5 2014-06-17 Move test teardown into `ensure` block.
48d1185 2014-06-14 Clean up I18n stored translations after test.
0da1c80 2014-06-14 Avoid hard-coded value in test setup and teardown.
0c58eb0 2014-06-14 Make sure restoration always happen.
c085078 2014-06-14 Move cleanup into teardown, delete obsolete code.
a1dbb4e 2014-06-12 Add unregister_template_handler to prevent leaks.
573a842 2014-06-06 Restore I18n.locale to default after test.
64edb6c 2014-06-06 Restore test deliveries for ActionMailer.
c4f4123 2014-06-06 Restore test deliveries properly in ActionMailer.
e767be0 2014-06-05 Restore Response.default_headers after test.
d9be7ad 2014-06-05 Avoid hard-coded value in test setup/teardown.
5faf77f 2014-06-05 Reset callbacks after test.
1bcde3a 2014-06-05 Mime::PNG is already defined.
6a75e2c 2014-06-05 Avoid hardcoded value in test setup/teardown.
781f8a8 2014-05-28 Clear inflections after test.
35cc73e 2014-05-28 Unregister Mime::Type in teardown.
e354b33 2014-05-28 Avoid hardcoded value in teardown.
2ba9452 2014-05-28 Add and remove renderer inside the test to prevent leak.
1407315 2014-05-28 Move I18n.locale setting into setup and teardown.
51dc7c2 2014-05-28 Add with_default_charset helper.
839d461 2014-05-25 The correct status to test should be :switching_protocols.
f044020 2014-05-20 Add using_resouce_with_json to controller.
ac36b45 2014-05-19 Add ActionController::Renderers.remove.
45c396b 2014-05-17 Ensure :js is defined regardless of the outcome of the t...
32ef7d3 2014-05-13 Use with_translation helper to clean up I18n stored tran...
5330b89 2014-05-13 Move state restoration from setup/teardown into affected...
4d9e4ea 2014-05-13 Remove unnecessary setup and teardown.
275d20c 2014-05-13 A minor stylistic fix and cleanup of mail deliveries.
1401637 2014-05-07 Fix state leaks in actionmailer/test/base_test.rb.
cc6bc1c 2014-03-10 Completely remove potential global state leaks in Active...
9ffeb36 2014-03-09 Run ActiveModel test suites in random order.