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Rails 2.0.4
Showing 9 commits

Hash Date Message
e724e3e 2008-09-04 Actually, removing File/FileUtil entirely is the answer
14995e1 2008-09-04 Use FileUtil for cp
61faf89 2008-09-04 A few updates, still in progress
e8bf065 2008-09-02 Use personal server as temporary gem testing site until ...
a5d2897 2008-09-02 Tell about the REXML fix in the CHANGELOG
e5c52a3 2008-09-02 Prepare for 2.0.4 release
9b251b6 2008-09-02 Merge rexml-expansion-fix gem into activesupport.
79c3f73 2008-08-28 PostgreSQL: fix quote_string for certain old pg drivers....
d356987 2008-06-28 Fix typo in apparently-dead will_unload? method.