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Rails 2.3.7
Showing 11 commits

Hash Date Message
326188c 2010-05-24 2.3.7 release: fix rails_xss compatibility
60e82a3 2010-05-24 Move tests for deprecated String#html_safe! to plugin
3ff921a 2010-05-24 rails_xss handles deprecated String html safety, when in...
b10bf83 2010-05-23 Make use of safe_concat on TextHelper concat
86f0287 2010-05-23 Revert "Don't always mark the argument to #concat as HTM...
ab2d7c8 2010-05-23 Use a non-XSS-protected output buffer for view tests
ca5f5d9 2010-05-23 Fix test rendering unmarked but safe HTML
e3f14d1 2010-05-23 Don't incompatibly monkeypatch ERB.
e53791f 2010-05-23 Don't always mark the argument to #concat as HTML-safe.
48fbe7b 2010-05-23 Mark all raw HTML being concatted as HTML-safe.
55e88ee 2010-05-23 Bump 2-3-stable to 2.3.7