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Rails 3.0.20
Showing 20 commits

Hash Date Message
b875be0 2013-01-28 bumping to 3.0.20
5375dce 2013-01-28 Add an OkJson backend and remove the YAML backend
709fbd3 2013-01-27 Fix failing test related to escaping include_blank in se...
e8ac985 2013-01-26 Remove obsolete rake/rdoctask require
597a700 2013-01-26 Update failing tests overriding destroy method instead o...
bb80a87 2013-01-26 Fix build. It seems that the Mocha's behavior were changed.
18bce29 2013-01-26 remove the warning when testing whiny_nil
dd3caf6 2013-01-26 Fix indentation to remove warning
ba6b243 2013-01-26 Remove not used variable warning
871a7db 2013-01-26 Update mocha version to 0.13.0 and change requires
d116e90 2013-01-16 Merge pull request #8872 from freerange/3-0-stable-with-...
bf91545 2013-01-16 Fix 3-0-stable to work with Mocha >= v0.13.0
4c525b2 2013-01-12 Remove unnecessary caching of ParameterFilter
9bc2b09 2013-01-11 Merge pull request #8890 from dylanahsmith/3-0-parse-non...
eede4ab 2013-01-11 Fix JSON params parsing regression for non-object JSON c...
e5f4a39 2013-01-10 Update changelogs with release dates and minor improveme...
583e5fd 2013-01-09 Merge pull request #8853 from zmoazeni/3-0-xml-serializa...
477f0e7 2013-01-09 Methods that return nil should not be considered YAML
ca8b0bd 2013-01-09 Merge pull request #8836 from sikachu/3-0-stable-fix-ars
f252755 2013-01-09 Remove test for XML YAML parsing