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Rails 3.0.3
Showing 14 commits

Hash Date Message
0aca27d 2010-11-16 Prepare to release
8279c06 2010-11-16 Relax bundler dependency to allow the faster 1.1
34dc030 2010-11-16 revises RDoc of AR::Base#==
69f7d39 2010-11-16 Models should be equals even after destroyed
c7dd1e4 2010-11-16 support finding by a ruby class [#5979 state:resolved]
ed91716 2010-11-15 adding more test coverage around finding with active rec...
e2266cf 2010-11-15 updating CHANGELOG to reflect bug fixes
edafb49 2010-11-15 Get ready for the re-run of the earlier release -- now w...
fc69c64 2010-11-15 use quoted id of single AR::Base objects in predicates
bd94479 2010-11-15 Relax i18n requirement.
19ff18e 2010-11-15 make sure we are only doing sanity checking against regu...
89b073b 2010-11-15 Bring back ruby-debug19 for Ruby versions < 1.9.3
76efb92 2010-11-15 Update abort message (ht: tilsammans).
fb4dc1a 2010-11-15 only abort in test_help in production env