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Rails 3.1.6
Showing 14 commits

Hash Date Message
63dce16 2012-06-12 updating changelogs
4e7d571 2012-06-11 bumping version numbers
bee42f3 2012-06-11 updating changelogs with security fixes
75d039f 2012-06-11 adding version number to changelogs
64e30e8 2012-06-11 Merge branch '3-1-stable-sec' into 3-1-stable-rel
3e2c00a 2012-06-11 Mysql and Mysql2 adapters accepts only two arguments in ...
8e6ed58 2012-06-11 Change the string to use in test case.
023eaf8 2012-06-11 Fix GH #3163. Should quote database on mysql/mysql2.
f4174ad 2012-06-11 Array parameters should not contain nil values.
8355abf 2012-06-08 Additional fix for CVE-2012-2661
a1a71ab 2012-05-31 Merge branch '3-1-rel' into 3-1-stable
aa6e56b 2012-05-31 Merge branch '3-1-stable-sec' into 3-1-stable
2f42815 2012-05-29 Merge pull request #6532 from freerange/3-1-stable-minit...
4cd3285 2012-05-29 Exceptions like Interrupt should not be rescued in tests.