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Rails 3.2.2
Showing 113 commits

Hash Date Message
01b470f 2012-03-01 bumping to 3.2.2
c60c1c0 2012-03-01 Merge branch '3-2-stable-security' into 3-2-2
55ac1b9 2012-03-01 Ensure [] respects the status of the buffer.
ecff25c 2012-02-23 Merge pull request #4834 from sskirby/fix_usage_of_psql_...
93f1667 2012-02-22 Merge pull request #5084 from johndouthat/patch-1
4bcd437 2012-02-22 updating RAILS_VERSION
82d6ded 2012-02-22 Fix CHANGELOG
110b43c 2012-02-22 Add CHANGELOG entry
19433ce 2012-02-22 format lookup for partials is derived from the format in...
35626fe 2012-02-22 bumping up arel
83e42d5 2012-02-22 prepared statements can be disabled
a566ee5 2012-02-21 tag bind params with a bind param object
c73f883 2012-02-21 more ruby 2.0 respond_to? changes
0052d90 2012-02-21 ruby 2.0 makes protected methods return false for respon...
cc848d6 2012-02-21 fix bad docs from f373f296 [ci skip]
f92c812 2012-02-21 Don't wrap the raise with ensure
d70ed10 2012-02-21 Merge pull request #5096 from lawso017/master
4eff6bc 2012-02-21 Restore lookup formats to the previous value after searc...
b122968 2012-02-21 Add CHANGELOG entry
c426591 2012-02-21 Merge pull request #5106 from kennyj/fix_warnings_20120210
39d4617 2012-02-21 Fix some warnings on 3-2-stable
dfa33fa 2012-02-21 delete vulnerable AS::SafeBuffer#[]
42fabd2 2012-02-21 use AS::SafeBuffer#clone_empty for flushing the output_b...
621d219 2012-02-21 add AS::SafeBuffer#clone_empty
7b73913 2012-02-20 fix output safety issue with select options
b80d8f7 2012-02-20 Fix a failing test
8b86259 2012-02-20 Use the right format when a partial is missing.
8c870f1 2012-02-20 Merge pull request #5101 from ckdake/ckdake_actionview_h...
68d3a46 2012-02-20 Reset memoized hash keys when new entry added
3b824d6 2012-02-20 search private / protected methods in trunk ruby
0c0f278 2012-02-20 sync __run_callbacks with ruby-trunk
41c182c 2012-02-20 Remove fixture files with Windows incompatible filenames
b2e9bbd 2012-02-18 fix a typo [ci skip]
44849b1 2012-02-18 Documenting the :inverse_of option for associations
168e653 2012-02-18 Fix actionpack readme weblog example
ed3a15d 2012-02-18 fix spacer template example
ea54d2c 2012-02-18 Update Time#change docs to reflect the options it uses
3b61efc 2012-02-18 Merge pull request #5081 from arunagw/fix_ar_test
742b615 2012-02-18 fix test with ruby 187-p358
1b4e6ca 2012-02-17 Simplify regexp
86d3bc3 2012-02-17 Fix ActionDispatch::Static to serve files with unencoded...
1a0bc2a 2012-02-17 Merge pull request #5071 from arunagw/fix_failing_test_r...
45503ec 2012-02-17 Merge pull request #5073 from asanghi/4918_backport
dffd85a 2012-02-17 backporting #4918 to 3.2 stable; adding extra test for a...
c17608f 2012-02-17 Fixes failing test with ruby 1.8.7-p358
a1b9acb 2012-02-15 Merge pull request #5049 from fabioyamate/master
201e67e 2012-02-15 adding tests to document behavior for #4817
7c79996 2012-02-14 Rack body respond to each and not to join
5f9a5a5 2012-02-14 Merge pull request #5038 from carlosantoniodasilva/fix-d...
305d5d5 2012-02-13 Fix deprecation warning in AS::Concern.
92acd5d 2012-02-10 Fix that failed tests should exit with a nonzero error c...
73fcbaa 2012-02-10 Merge pull request #4988 from kennyj/fix_4720-3
6d17b36 2012-02-08 Merge pull request #4941 from rafaelfranca/fix-build
7c167dd 2012-02-08 Use real table and columns for index test
d3d807a 2012-02-08 Push proper test changes for previous commit conflicts.
0a75336 2012-02-08 Handle nil in add_index :length option in MySQL
77b4edc 2012-02-07 Fix attribute_before_type_cast for serialized attributes...
b332877 2012-02-07 always flush all logs. fixes #4277
dafc3c7 2012-02-07 no need to check for this constant
f3595b5 2012-02-07 Merge pull request #4916 from rmm5t/fix_force_ssl_redire...
0e482b3 2012-02-07 Added unit test to cover changes to RouteSet.url_for
8c7378a 2012-02-07 Fixed the documenation for 'to_xml'
bc85fcb 2012-02-07 Merge pull request #4920 from guilleiguaran/revert-gemfi...
5bfee55 2012-02-07 --edge option should generate app with rails 3-2-stable
391e6a4 2012-02-06 Fixed force_ssl redirects to include original query params
dd54137 2012-02-06 Merge pull request #4912 from guilleiguaran/fix-edge-gem...
995c076 2012-02-06 Add branch to sass-rails and coffee-rails for apps gener...
ab44418 2012-02-06 Merge pull request #4908 from kennyj/fix_3864
93f5361 2012-02-05 Merge pull request #4890 from kennyj/improvement_4883
b037401 2012-02-05 GH #4883. Optional start_day argument for Time#all_week
2bf2055 2012-02-04 Clean up a bit default_response handling and cache forma...
44b9992 2012-02-04 Merge pull request #4870 from sikachu/3-2-stable-respond...
9cb0e12 2012-02-04 Merge pull request #4879 from kennyj/fix_4873
ee6e3c1 2012-02-04 let automatic EXPLAIN ignore CACHE notifications
567ac65 2012-02-03 Fix override API response bug in respond_with
9aa4c6d 2012-02-03 Merge pull request #4868 from skult/3-2-stable
daa2665 2012-02-03 Fix Issue #4819
4ca633e 2012-02-02 Merge pull request #4809 from cfeist/feist-sqlite-binary...
42dab64 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4543 from jdelStrother/find_or_init
780bf52 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4827 from sikachu/3-2-stable-fix-plu...
b673ca6 2012-02-01 Fix plugin_new test failure from c8c84397
0696a51 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4822 from carlosantoniodasilva/stric...
21735d2 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4815 from kennyj/fix_4749
91f8cf2 2012-02-01 Generate strict validation error messages with attribute...
c8c8439 2012-02-01 Fix GH #4749. Remove branch options, because edge is not...
1444ec6 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4811 from rafaelfranca/3-2-stable-fix
f532cd1 2012-02-01 Fix broken tests added by 85c724d59
e1de540 2012-01-31 Improve deprecation message
81f14a5 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4735 from arton/master
60cb7d6 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4779 from bsodmike/bsodmike-3-2-stable
bd93ba5 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4793 from kennyj/fix_4760
85c724d 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4783 from gregolsen/ids_reader_fix
7beb5a7 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4790 from marten/fix-require-depreca...
2380a2d 2012-01-31 Fix use of Deprecation without requiring active_support/...
f3e1b21 2012-01-31 Fix use of Deprecation without requiring active_support/...
563be40 2012-01-31 Fix use of Deprecation without requiring active_support/...
cb46423 2012-01-31 Fix use of Deprecation without requiring active_support/...
91700bf 2012-01-31 Fix GH #4760. A Block was not evaluated.
175cdd1 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4786 from lest/patch-2
cfea673 2012-01-31 fix assets test
b2955ed 2012-01-31 Allow writing unknown attributes, but with a deprecation...
0bfc504 2012-01-31 Add workaround and deprecation if the inherited hook is ...
c472843 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4763 from kennyj/fix_4754
93306be 2012-01-31 clarification to prevent confusing newbies; Passenger/Un...
4137905 2012-01-30 query cache instrumentation should included the bindings...
766e12a 2012-01-30 fix typo [ci skip]
f78cb55 2012-01-27 Inline the prefix assignment so it doesnt look so daft
66b445c 2012-01-27 Revert "Fix expanding cache key for single element arrays"
2e5ec3b 2012-01-27 Merge check box fixes from remote-tracking branch 'canto...
defb751 2012-01-27 don't set the hidden checkbox value if it's nil
19be5ea 2012-01-27 check_box helper with :disabled => true generates disabl...
1c5bd8a 2012-01-27 Merge pull request #4715 from pwim/find-create-multi-args
8e6ef37 2012-01-26 fixes whitespace in CHANGELOG entries