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Rails 3.2.6
Showing 50 commits

Hash Date Message
8381d39 2012-06-12 updating changelogs
ee4209a 2012-06-11 bumping version numbers
ceb8ec3 2012-06-11 updating changelogs with security fixes
301974a 2012-06-11 updating changelogs
cc2903d 2012-06-11 Additional fix for CVE-2012-2661
38edea0 2012-06-11 Array parameters should not contain nil values.
0ccdeeb 2012-06-11 Change the string to use in test case.
22994b2 2012-06-11 Fix GH #3163. Should quote database on mysql/mysql2.
0391ae9 2012-06-11 Merge pull request #6690 from suginoy/fix-templates-copy
c9f27e3 2012-06-11 Merge pull request #6698 from yahonda/address_ora_911_ma...
bbec883 2012-06-11 Merge pull request #6521 from Empact/throw-result
9e6eb8b 2012-06-10 Remove warning
179276e 2012-06-10 Add test to column alias in `exists?` SQL.
dd286a4 2012-06-10 Minimal change to query generation of exists? that makes...
35c89a4 2012-06-10 Merge pull request #6688 from c42engineering/buffered_lo...
5dfb01e 2012-06-10 Merge pull request #6695 from kennyj/fix_6635
6cc941d 2012-06-10 Merge pull request #6693 from jkraemer/3-2-stable
e66c240 2012-06-10 fix namespace collision with test-unit-activesupport
eaeebc2 2012-06-09 Merge pull request #6687 from tiegz/3-2-optimizations
6900a4e 2012-06-09 Merge pull request #6689 from arunagw/duplicate_test_rem...
f36fd0e 2012-06-09 Duplicate tests removed.
01f8f29 2012-06-09 buffered logger is initialized with the log level passed...
6e4a064 2012-06-09 ActiveRecord#attributes optimization: minimize objects c...
8475cdd 2012-06-08 Don't add sqlite3 to gemspec with -O on rails plugin new
0e4d16f 2012-06-08 Merge pull request #6678 from arunagw/fix_issue_6673
dfb1ebe 2012-06-08 Merge pull request #6677 from arunagw/3-2-stable
8b1d475 2012-06-08 We should not include engine.rake file into rake
7ad5f8b 2012-06-08 Removed protected as we already doing it above.
fa352c4 2012-06-07 Fix railties test suite
5b0a891 2012-06-07 Fix asset tags for files with more than one dot
68d3e1f 2012-06-07 Make test cover previous reversion
959fb8e 2012-06-07 Revert "Perf: Don't load the association for #delete_all."
6b6c1de 2012-06-06 Merge pull request #6642 from kuroda/3-2-activemodel-tra...
029936e 2012-06-06 Fix human attribute_name to handle deeply nested attributes
3cba6ee 2012-06-05 Revert "fix the Flash middleware loading the session on ...
f7cde3e 2012-06-05 Add test to flash sweep after two redirects
6347554 2012-06-05 Merge pull request #6613 from carlosgaldino/3-2-data-con...
fc092a9 2012-06-05 Deprecate `:confirm` in favor of `:data => { :confirm =>...
9f52d15 2012-06-04 Merge pull request #6622 from kennyj/fix_6591-32
510ef2b 2012-06-04 Fix #6591. If a field with timezone isn't changed, we do...
bebbdb5 2012-06-04 Add failing test for 3.2.5 datetime attribute regression
43f0af4 2012-06-01 Merge pull request #6593 from yahonda/skip_test_remove_c...
f550d4d 2012-06-01 Allow to use mounted helpers in ActionView::TestCase
7544c7a 2012-06-01 Skip test_remove_column_with_array_as_an_argument_is_dep...
5b6b0df 2012-06-01 Merge pull request #6588 from nbibler/polymorphic_to_model
537ede9 2012-06-01 Use to_model delegates for polymorphic route generation
b13d89e 2012-06-01 Add release date of 3.2.5 on the CHANGELOG
8d4f63a 2012-06-01 Include routes.mounted_helpers into integration tests
ecd1722 2012-06-01 Merge pull request #6587 from amatsuda/controller_genera...
8984bc2 2012-06-01 remove unneeded blank line from !namespeced? controller ...